Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Picture This!

One of the my fellow spondys posted a link to Gitzen Girl's Blog. Gitz's stories were inspirational and her faith was unshakable straight through to the end. If you have not read her blogs be sure to check them out. One of the things I enjoyed the most about her blogs were her week in pictures. These are actually last week's photos but I thought I would carry on. I think they are connected to Project Tuesday for Mom's. Not being a Mom (of a human baby) I'm just posting pictures of my week.

Monday, Oct. 10th: I am a pet Mom and have given my heart to many furry creatures. Only thing is the average life span of a pet is much, much too short. I have loved and lost and do sincerely believe that giving my heart was worth the pain at the end. In the time I have lived in this town I have watched four pets grow old and pass. I seemed to have collected a house full of pet ashes. So on Monday I decided it was time to let go.

Letting Go

Newness & Light

I was a little worried that I wouldn't physically be able to do this but I was shocked to find that not only was I able to complete the task but it was fairly easy and very therapeutic. I dug a hole, put in all the pet ashes and planted a butterfly bush. Hopefully, the ashes will help to make the flowers bloom.

Tuesday, Oct. 11th: It was an absolutely beautiful day so I went out the Spillway to take photos. Just to take photos. Another physical challenge that turned out better then I had expected.

Ain't Wish' Gone Fishin'

Hard At Work
Wednesday, Oct. 12th: I've been taking pictures for my church. I take so many pictures without thinking twice. I love pictures from both sides of the camera (sad but true). I sometimes forget that everyone isn't as camera friendly as I am. I was quickly reminded. He's a cutie but I suppose he's allowed to not want a strange woman randomly taking his picture.

Saturday, Oct. 15th: I think I was busy with work on Thurs and Fri but the camera was out by Saturday for the church concert!

Oh Happy Day

A good time was had by all! I'm off to take photos for this week. Talk to you later.