Thursday, March 24, 2011

Affordable Health Care

The White House blog  has published information on the Affordable Care Act today. This week marks the first year anniversary of this act. I guess that means people have been fighting against the act itself for a little over a year.

I know everyone has their own opinion on the administration (we always do). And this act does require an out of pocket expense for someone....or some businesses as the case may be. I can’t be against it though, I have a pre-existing condition.

I currently have health care. I have a pretty good plan. Oh, hell, I have a great plan I work for the state. My plan is so great it pays for doctor’s visits, medication, preventative care, emergency care, surgeries, etc., etc. I even have choices when picking a plan. I can do a strict HMO, a PPO or one of those ones where you pay less up front because you are the middle man working out your own reimbursements. I went with the one that was most affordable and had the most flexibility (but I pay for a middle man thank you very much). I travel at least a couple of times per year and I didn’t want a hassle if I went off network to a doctor in say....I don’t know...Nevada. ...and honestly, I never know what flare up might happen when.

My personal flexibility ends with the plan and it’s coverage.  I do LOVE my insurance coverage. I really do. But...and yes there is a but... I worry about the fact that I have to LOVE my job as well. Somedays my job comes in with a small, teeny, tiny l-o-v-e. This poses a problem.

A little bit about me....I have a graduate degree. A terminal degree, highest I can get in my field. Did all I could do to prepare myself to be a good upstanding taxpaying citizen.  I got my degree in a field that gave me options. I went back to school several years after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder so I knew I needed options - because honestly I LIKE working and figured on doing it until retirement age if health permits. With options health can permit a whole lot I presume in my field. But here’s the kicker....I’m restricted if insurance companies are allowed to hold onto those pre-existing conditions standards. Very restricted. I can’t go months without insurance. I have medications where out of pocket costs would be about the same as a car note. A big, luxury car note!

Last summer I had an interesting conversation with my cousin when I was out in Vegas. She works for herself. I think I had told her about a friend of mine who also lives out there and works for himself. My cousin’s father (my Uncle - of course) ALSO has his own business and instilled that entrepreneurial spirit into his kids. So over coffee, knowing that my degree prepares me for private practice (among my options), my cousin looks me in the eyes and says “so why don’t you start your own private practice”. I looked her dead in the eyes and said in reply, “because I need health insurance”.

This video is from the White House, so I realize it is slanted a bit... but it speaks to me....If I were self employed could I survive? If I just decided I was done living inland and moved to the coast, could I? If offered a job some where fabulous making a ton of cash, would they hire me after I spent 30 minutes going over their health plan to make sure I’d be covered from day one? 

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