Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Emotional Roller Coaster

Today has been an emotional roller coaster.  I think I'm having one of those please remind yourself what you can control kind of days. I seem to think I'm in charge of something and that my stressing and worrying will make a difference. I woke up this morning in a total cranky, crabby funk. I couldn't move for the heavy cloud I was carrying around. I put some music on and actually felt better by the time I hit the shower.  For someone with no musical talent I live and breathe music. I celebrate to it, cry with it, dance to it, love to it, and sing with music. I find that I can completely change my mood with the right song. There are songs in my collection that take me directly back to a specific mood. There are good songs I can't play because of the feelings attached to it and really bad songs I jam to because of the memories they bring.  So today, a little gospel got me out of bed and remembering to be thankful for what I have. I ended up having a fairly productive day, writing, meetings and vet appointments.

Beside the stressors that come up when you work as a state employee for a state in the midst of a huge budget crisis, my kitty warrior princess seems to be sick.  After I spent the last few days nearly worrying myself sick it turns out to be nothing a few days on antibiotics won't clear up. That being said, I spent the last half of the day sitting in a vet's office listening, waiting and worrying. I can't control the state budget. I can't control the cat's health (apparently). I can't even control that man who was in the vet's office before me asking the same question three times - although I tell you I really wanted to get back that half an hour we all spent waiting for him to process what the vet-tech said to him (three times). What can I control? Not half as much as I would like but I sure as heck can control what song comes up next on my iPod!

This is fabulous. Next time I'm having one of these days I'm pulling up this website. How to Accept The things We Cannot Change

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