Monday, May 2, 2011

Come Hell or High Water

In my little town we are currently experiencing the great flood of 2011. It's been raining for days. We've had back to back thunderstorms and threats of tornadoes. Unlike other places the tornadoes have mostly passed over our area. There has been some wind damage and fallen trees, a few dark nights with no electricity and a whole lot of rain. A whole lot of rain. In this area we are surrounded by rivers so all the rain has raised the rivers up and out of their beds, flooding the area. 

Gone Fishin'
As a girl who loves a picture I've been driving over the bridges and around the closed roads, watching the water rise and thinking I needed photos. Today I finally got out with my camera. My heart goes out to the people hardest hit but I'm going to tell you people are resourceful. Churches shut down, houses sandbaged, roads and schools closed but I found this man fishing in the middle of what used to be an intersection. How's that for resourceful? We could all sit stagnant and worry and fret about our lot in life, or get out, sandbag the house, catch some fish, make some dinner and move on with our day.

This is probably one of the busiest periods for me at work. Everything I've done or have had to do since January culminates in the next couple of weeks. I've gone from being stressed to be being overwhelmed to just shutting down and vegging out on the sofa. None of these activities are getting the work done which makes me feel worse because now I'm overwhelmed, behind, and feeling stagnant! After going out and taking pictures my stagnation seems silly. My house is warm and dry and regardless of whether or not the reports get written life goes on.  I think the pictures helped. I need to remember there are worse things in life and better ways of handling it all. Life goes on come hell or high water.



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