Monday, May 30, 2011

Soaring With The Eagles

How does that saying go about soaring with Eagles? Something about how going it alone is sometimes best instead of running around with chickens. I should look that up. Seriously, I don't remember how it goes but it's not really relevant I just like the wood carved Eagle. Whoever did this was most definitely soaring.

I spent the weekend with my friends. Most of them are Eagles, I promise, but we weren't soaring so much as just enjoying our time here. I caught three live bands. Three fabulous live bands. I think I lost about 5lbs in sweat from the humidity and put it back on from food, snacks and drinks! I danced all of Saturday night at three different events until 3:30am!! I sat out the dancing on Sun but still grooved with the band. I took pictures, laughed, ate, drank and was able to visit a couple of local spots I had never been too before. I had a great time. Today I slept. I'm going to be up a little later then I would like to prepare for work for tomorrow but I tell you it was all worth it...and there isn't a spoon left in the drawer. I'll worry about restocking tomorrow!

Laughin', Lovin', Livin'.

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  1. I'm so glad you took some spoons out on loan! Sometimes we just have to live for the day - sounds like you did just that. Hope you are feeling ok now but time with friends forgetting AS is worth every second!